Officers for 2021-2022
Grand High Priest Anthony J. Escasa, PHP
Grand King                                       Alexander A. Escasa, PHP
Grand Scribe                               Lee D. Gordon, PHP
Grand Treasurer               Keith N. Isaacson, PGHP
Grand Secretary               Dustin T. Verity; PGHP, EKA
Grand Captain of the Host Timothy A. Jaworski, PHP
Grand Principal Sojourner James R. Houk
Grand Royal Arch Captain Jason A. Snelling
Grand Master of the 3rd Veil Dennis Egge
Grand Master of the 2nd Veil Donnovan Young
Grand Master of the 1st Veil Randolph R. Albano
Grand Chaplain Lee K. Kanaeakua
Grand Sentinel Manuel V. Aquino
Grand Lecturer Dennis Ing; PGPH, EKA